Waiting for negotiations; Rizokarpaso
Rizokarpaso (Dipkarpaz) is the town on the Karpass Peninsula in the northeastern part of Cyprus. After Turkey's Cyprus Operation in 1974, the island divided into two parts.  Greek Cypriots moved to the south while Turkish Cypriots moved to the north. They have been living separately for 40 years in Cyprus.
Rizokarpaso is one of the few towns where Greek Cypriots and Turkish people who migrated mostly from Bitlis, Ordu, Trabzon and Adana after 1974 live together. There are approximately 200 Greek Cypriot mainly elderly and 2000 Turkish living in the town. They learned each others language enough to get along.
Locals of Rizokarpaso wonders about the negotiations between Greek and Turkish  committees and how the conclusions will affect their lives.

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