Urban Transformation, Saraykapı
Urban transformation program in Turkey has come up in 2004. This policy’s main aim has been identified as “to renew the slummed places and destroy shanties (Gecekondu) settlements.” Diyarbakir’s Saraykapi district has been changing as part of urban transformation since 2009. One of the oldest settlement of the city, İckale, is a place which had to allow immigrants from country side to urban side, because of economical reasons and  security concerns. With Urban transformation Project, project coordinators purpose to empty the area with the historical buildings which is around the rampart and make this place an open-air museum.  Most of the people who live in this area, don’t have a regular income. The TOKI ( Mass Housing Administration) houses that is far away from the city centre, which have been given to them as a equivalent of their houses in here and they are remote to source of their income. TOKI houses will be the their “homes” lots of years later, if those poor families handle  to render payments every month. 

Urban Transformation Projects, as their situation today, by denying the  urban’s poors economical and social savings, make them lose their estates and because, at the same time destroy all the living spaces which have been shaped by over years, with subsistence strategies,  neighborhood cultures, interdependence webs, women’s conformations in urban places.  

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