Dijle meaning running water is globally known as Tigris.
 With its 523 km length of run in Turkey, Dijle River being the second biggest river of Turkey rises from Hazal Lake and joining Firat River covers around 1840 km until it flows into the Persian Gulf in Shatt al-Arab region.
 In the 21st century “Freshwater” will be one of the important issues among the environment, energy, global warming and climate change. Whereas in the world over 1 billion people cannot reach healthy water, over 2 billion people lack of minimum hygiene conditions because of inadequate water and every year over 2 billion people, mostly children, lose their lives due to illnesses related to water.
 Around the world while global warming, climate change and lack of water bring along a vital concern, the possibility of change the tension between water rich counties and water poor ones into a conflict has been increasing. In the Middle East geography where 9 countries of 26 which are lack of water it is estimated that the crisis will reach critical dimensions.
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