The Gardens of Yedikule
The Bostans (Gardens) of Yedikule are located on the area between Yedikule Kapi and Belgrad Kapi on Istanbul's European side in the district of Fatih. The Yedikule Gardens, which have the span of 200 hectares and are surrounded by the fifth-century city walls, have been of agricultural importance ever since the Byzantine Empire. Due to their historical as well as archeological significance, they are protected by the UNESCO as one of the 'Intangible World Heritage Sites'.
Nowadays, the farms provide a living for approximately about 50 families that get by on what they are harvesting out of the Bostans as well as pay the rent with their earnings since the grounds belong to the Municipality. At the same time the farmers are responsible for keeping a 1500 year-old environmental and (agri-)cultural heritage alive.
Following an urban renewal project, which the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality as well as the Municipality of Fatih have decided upon in 2013, one 27 hectares sized part of the gardens has been destroyed by covering it with rubble in the course of construction plans for i. a. restaurants and cafes. According to chronicles, the ‘Sadrazam Bayrampasa Bostan’ that belonged to Bayram Pasa, a grand vizier of the Ottoman Sovereign Murat the Fourth, has been buried under that rubble as well.
In December 2014 the Council of IBB (Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) put a hold to the renewal attempts , but passed the project’s responsibility back to the Municipality of Fatih.
Nevertheless, the fate of the Yedikule Bostans will still remain uncertain.

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