Seasonal Migration
The Southern Kurtalan Train Express route came into service in 1944 and, starting from Kurtalan, stops in Diyarbakır, Malatya, Sivas, Kayseri and Ankara. This train route is mostly used by seasonal workers that are living in east Turkey, but are working on the western part of the country from spring to fall for minimum daily wages. Since travelling by train is much more economical and does not have luggage restriction, a majority of seasonal workers is prefering the Kurtalan Express. Many people are forced to migrate for a couple of months because Turkey's east does not offer enough job opportunities, whereas agricultural, constructional and service sectors in the western part are in great demand of workers during the summer seasons. Most of the workers are Kurds that had to leave their homeland and as seasonal workers have to struggle due to bad living conditions, cheap labor, exploitation as well as racism, social exclusion, violence and exploitation that has been generally more visible in society lately. Women are exposed to sexism, whereas children have to interrupt their schooling and fall behind their educational levels.
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