Syrians has started to take refuge in Turkey in April 2011 and the first camp was set up in Yayladağı-Hatay on 1 May 2015. As of 15 September 2015, the number of Syrians living in Turkey is 2.027.981. Besides, 200.000 Iraqi who fled the war in their countries, are being hosted in Turkey. Syrian refugees are dwelling mainly on border cities including Şanlıurfa, Hatay, Gaziantep and Kilis. 
25 container cities and tent cities have been established in 10 provinces of Turkey. 260,000 Syrians and 15,500 Irakis are currently living in temporary accommodation centers.

Approximately 28.000 Syrian people reside in Akcakale Tent Camp and 14.000 resides Harran Container City in Urfa.

Europe is experiencing its most significant influx of migrants and refugees since World War II, with many people fleeing war-torn nations and qualifying for international protection. EU leaders announced plans to redirect 1.7 billion euro (1.9 billion US dollar) from the EU budget towards tackling the migration crisis. This includes reallocating as much as one billion euro to help Turkey cope with the refugees it has taken in, as well as increasing funding for the World Food Programme, which distributes food in refugee camps near Syria.
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