Occupy Gezi Park
Starting from the night of May 27, dozens of volunteers resumed their patrols around Taksim Gezi Park - one of the few remaining green spots in Istanbul's busy downtown, faced threats by urban renewal projects.
Following the police intervention and attacks, a group of activists set up tents and launched a campaign against the planned construction of a shopping mall in the area. The group started a petition and planted trees in the park where a handful of trees were uprooted
Police raided Taksim Gezi Park on May 30, casting tear gas bombs and allegedly burning tents of protestors who were staying overnight to stop the planned the project to turn the park into a shopping mall.
The resistance that Taksim Gezi Park protestors initiated spread across Turkey. Police attacks and detentions have been reported from Ankara, İzmir,Adana  and Eskişehir.
Turkish Association of Physicians reports that 4 person died, 6 are in severe condition, 7.822 are injured in 13 provinces of Turkey.