Night Sight on Istiklal
Everyday nearly 3 million people visit Istiklal Avenue which was called Cadde-i Kebir  (Grand Avenue) during the Ottoman Period. Becoming a residential area of non-Muslims and European foreigners it was  referred to as Grand Rue de Pera in the 17th century. With the declaration of the Republic on October 29, 1923, the avenue's name was changed to Istiklal (Independence). The cosmopolitan avenue with its historical inns along both sides hosted schools, synagogues; mosques, churches, consulates, bookstores, boutiques, art galleries, cinemas, theatres, libraries, patisseries, cafés, taverns, night clubs...  Today it looks like a construction site because of new investments ruining the historical and cultural heritage of Beyoglu. The avenue still preserving its identity, receives all ages, races, genders, languages, religions like in old days. 
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