Million Dollar View, Urban Transformation
NarPhotos photographers documented the surrounding neighbourhood of Istanbul between January 2012  and March 2013.  These photographs are published in a book in company with texts of several writers and academicians under the name of  “Milyonluk Manzara, Kentsel Dönüşüm Resimleri” (Million Dollar View, Urban Transformation Pictures) by Iletisim Publications
Photographers aimed to reveal the real scenery that lies behind the stereotype images. Istanbul became a migration receiving metropolis with the rapid growth after 1980s. Population of the city is estimated approximately 14 millions in 2011 which was around 3 million in the beginning of the 80s. The city started to spread out from the center to the borders with the increasing housing requirements and sheltering problems but actual governmental policies of urban transformation are primarily profit-oriented rather than humanistic. Residental districts located in the center of the city are being moved to the outskirts and people obliged to leave their home.
“How does urban renewal regenerate the city, what for? What kind of scenary does urban renewal bring us? What kind of a web of social relationship, class relations and social fabric could be shaped with it methaporically? Or what kind of landscape, geography and picture could be shaped with it in reality? Milyonluk Manzara, Kentsel Dönüşüm Resimleri, İletiŞim Yayınları