Marmaray, Underwater Link between Asia and Europe
Marmaray project will connect the Asian and European sides of Istanbul with underwater tubes which has 1.4 km total lenght. The name Marmaray comes from combining the name of the Sea of Marmara, which lies just south of the project site, with ray, the Turkish word for rail. Marmaray Project is one of the major transportation infrastructure projects in the world at present. The entire upgraded and new railway system will be approximately 76 km long. The main structures and systems; include the immersed tube tunnel, bored tunnels, cut-and-cover tunnels, at - grade structures, three new underground stations, 37 surface stations (renovation and upgrading), operations control centre, yards, workshops, maintenance facilities, upgrading of existing tracks including a new third track on ground, completely new electrical and mechanical systems and procurement of modern railway vehicles.
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