Mamoste Şêrîn
"Life is too difficult indeed and very nice, too. To say I lived, you should taste both the hardness and the beauty." says Şêrîn Şexmihemed.
Attacks by Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) on Kobane Canton of Rojava were launched harshly again on 15 September 2014, hundred of thousands people had to pass to the north of the border as a result of these intense attacks. Number of people from Kobane in Turkey is nearly 200.000 and 68.562 people of the number is only in Suruc, all across Urfa this number is about 126.000. Settlement in Suruc is divided into three, villages, centre neighbourhoods and tent cities. In the six tent cities there are totally 15.900 people and most of them are women and children. Education of the children is tried to be maintain in the tent cities by teachers from Kobane. Şerîn Şexmihemed who lives in Kader Ortakaya -one of the six tent cities- continues her 4 years teachership in Kobane and teaches Kurdish literacy in Latin alphabet for 60 students.
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