Last Armenians of Diyarbakır
According to population census made 140 years ago, there were approximately 8000 Armenians living in Diyarbakir. Today there is only three of them remained. Sarkis Eken, Bayzar Alata and Viktorya Akbaba... They have been living in Virgin Mary Assyrian Church for 25 years. They don’t want to talk much about what happened years ago. They say their parents lived those times. Sarkis's father was taken into state register of one of the landlords in Silvan, So he and his family survived. Sarkis’s family comes to villages of Diyarbakır from Silvan a year after his birth in1930. Sarkis marries to Bayzar from Kadikoy in 1949. They come to the city of Diyarbakır in 1960. Sarkis works in rice farms 7 months in a year and Bayzar makes handwork to earn their living. They spend their 25 years in Hancepek which is known as “Infidel District” in Diyarbakir. Viktorya, Bayzar’s sister, joins them when her husband dies. Friends and family around starts to leave the city as time goes by. Deaths and migration lessens the Armenian community. Only three of them stays in Diyarbakir. After a while they move to a room at Virgin Mary Assyrian Church where they worship. They share their life with five Assyrian families staying in that church. They manage their living with 250TL which government pays them every 3 months. The only thing they can't manage is the feeling of longing. They miss their friends and the times they were spending with them.
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