Labour of Care
Saliha Dal (39) is a mother of five children. The oldest child, Esra showed SSPE symptoms at the age of 13. SSPE is seen mostly in Diyarbakır, Urfa, Batman and Mardin in Turkey. Today, Esra is 16 years old and for three years Esra’s mother, Saliha has looked after her. The only assistant of Saliha with the care and other houseworks is 14-year-old Sevda who is the second oldest daughter of Saliha. Saliha and many woman like her provide reproduction of society with the houseworks and care services. The labour of care and houseworks which women supply free of charge determine their position in social relationships. Division of the care, houseworks and nursing undertaken by women in the context of the role of gender mainstreaming and division of labour maintain being an obstacle in women’s participating in public space leaving private sphere.
SSPE: Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis is a rare chronic, progressive encephalitis that affects primarily children and young adults, caused by a persistent infection with measles virus (which can be a result of a mutation of the virus itself). No cure for SSPE exists, but the condition can be managed by medication if treatment is started at an early stage. According to the Ministry of Health, there have been 2000 SSPE ill officially in Turkey. Mostly the disease is seen the cities, having an intensive popuation rise because of  migration, where vaccination service is not supplied or supplied slenderly.

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