Karakuyu Village

"We live in the age of the city. The city is everything to us – it consumes us, and for that reason we glorify it."
Onookme Okeme

The Karakuyu village is attached to the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality with its 450 inhabitants living in 65 houses, whose livelihood is based on agriculture and breeding. Those sources of livelihoods have recently been damaged by the constructions on the terrain enclosing the village, also being responsible for the population to decrease. On the other hand, the destruction of the village has come up with the latest city construction plans according to which a main road would pass through the village. The lack of land titles among the inhabitants threats many families, who have already been subject to village evacuations in 1990, with enforced displacement.
The residents around the village are currently complaining about pollution and malodour, “We live here since years, they came later. We cannot do agriculture and breeding anymore. We are stucked in a narrow space. We are the ones who are uncomfortable, we complain about them."
While the city is squeezing the village, everyday lives and habits of the families are being sucked in blocks of concrete and the inhabitants are nervously awaiting the future.