Gulsum Tatar, The Champion
Gulsum, born in 1985, may be Turkey’s greatest-ever amateur boxer. Over her amateur career, she won thirteen Turkish national championships, three European championships, four EU championships, and she became the only Turkish boxer—male or female—to win two World Championship gold medals.

When Gulsum was unable to represent Turkey in the 2016 Rio Olympics, she turned professional  in 2017 and easily won her first few fights, all in Turkey. 

Boxing is not hugely popular in Turkey—women’s boxing, even less so. Gulsum can’t attract significant sponsorship that could help her fight abroad. There is no professional boxing federation to offer support. She grew disillusioned of fighting in Turkey after some of her fights were canceled at the last minute, leaving her out of pocket. She has to balance her boxing training with a full-time job as a physical education teacher.

She made fight with Oshin Derieuw, Europe’s top ranking super-lightweight, in Belgium and Derieuw is awarded the victory over Gulsum on points by unanimous decision.

Gulsum Tatar may be Turkey's greatest ever boxer. But she has spent years struggling for respect, recognition, and support. She says her proudest moments are when she hears that girls have started boxing because of her: “With the punches I throw, I am changing the viewpoint of society.”

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