Guca Trumpet Festival
49th Annual Dragacevo Trumpet Festival was held in a sleepy village in western Serbia called Guca.The village erupts with the sound of trumpets blasting at the largest, and possibly the noisiest, Balkan folk music festival.The festival is officially a competition of some 50 brass bands vying for the Golden Trumpet award at the village soccer stadium, where horns from Serbia, along with few visiting foreign bands take turns. But the main party is on Gucas streets and at restaurant tables where non-competing trumpeters play for tips, usually blasting their music right into visitors ears. And woman dancers perform on top of the tables for tips all night. Roasted pigs and lambs, the traditional cabbage stew and beer can be counted as official menu of the festival. Locals renting their houses even their gardens for tents for hundreds of thousands visitors.The festival become a village fair with vendors and visiting amusement park.
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