Ezidi Villages in Turkey
Ezidism is a different religion which was institutionalized after Sheikh Adiy b. Musafir, who is accepted as the founder of it in XII century, and shows syncretic features since it has been affected by different belief systems; and is an ethno religion whose members have been formed by Kurds.
Today, there are few Ezidis numerically in some villages of Beşiri, a provincial town of Batman, Mardin and Urfa. Ezidi population which was approximately 140 by the end of 2012 is decreasing in Beşiri town centre, in its villages and in Batman day by day. The population cannot be determined exactly; however, it is estimated that there are 3-5 Ezidi families living in Batman centre. Ezidis, migrated especially into European countries and Northern Iraq because of political, economic and religious reasons they experienced in 1980s. This migration has been accelerated since the early 1990, and still
continues. Because of the migration into European countries such as Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Denmark, the Ezidi population in Batman and its nearby vicinity is at the risk of being extinct.
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