Although not known for certain, the number of people belonging to Êzîdîsm faith is estimated to be about 1 million.The most erroneous information about them is that they are worshipping to Demon. But the truth is that they are worshipping to God and the misunderstanding comes from the situation of the Demon named Melek Tawus (Peacock Angel). Êzîdîs, a people who marginalized from others because of their religious beliefshave fallen apartdispersed in different countries such as Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Armenia and Germany and their cultural codes have differed from each other. The congregation in Armenia, is said whose population was once 90 thousand and now has fallen to half of this number, follows the largest congregation in the north of IraqIt is said that, this population in Armenia was constituted of Êzîdîs, emigrated from Turkey's Eastern Anatolia region in the beginning of 20th century due to religious oppressions during the Ottoman Empire period. Although some of Êzîdîs in Armenia live in the city, most of them live in villages. The Elegez region is the most densely Êzîdîs populated region in Armenia and consists of 11 villages. The only livelihood of the people from this region is animal husbandry. The collapse of the Soviet Union (1991) and thereafter economic problems caused a significant change in Êzîdîs life in Armenia, half of the population had to migrate to Russia and Ukraine.

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