Ayazma District, Urban Transformation
There are two approaches for the necesity of urban transformation in Turkey which started in 1980s. The first one is fixing the ruined areas and unhealthy living conditions that occured because of unplanned urbanization, secondly these areas are considered as capital investments. One of the main urban transformation projects of Istanbul is in Kucukcekmece area. Olympic Village and its surrounding is the main factor that speeded up the project. Ayazma District of Kucukcekmece is one of the slum areas of the city. The people in there are mostly from the east of Turkey who had migrated to Istanbul because of economical reasons. They had built up a life in here similiar to the one in their home village with their animals, vegetable gardens, fruit trees. They did not have water and electricity at houses till around 2002. They stayed here, one way the other, around 30 years. What people call slum was their home. The locals of Ayazma district are being settled to TOKI Project Apartments in Bezirganbahce within the project. They are moving to 12 floor buildings and starting a new life that they are not familiar with, leaving their houses behind which they had built with their hands. Addition to the monthly payments of the apartments they are worried about the expenses of their new life. Because most of them do not have a continuous job. Urban Transformation projects have to consider the social and economic problems besides providing healthy environment and living conditions.
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