Women's Uprise against Femicide
Women marched from Tünel to Galatasary Square to protest the increasing femicide and men’s violence against women.  Women’s Group for the Prevention of Femicide made a press statement calling the parliament to fulfill their duty of stopping men’s violence and femicide.
“As women we are undertaking control over our own lives! We won’t let police officers, juridical operators, families, neighbours nor our own relatives decide upon us! You have kept silent for so many years; you have been averting your eyes when you’ve witnessed violence that happened right in front of you; you did not prevent men from being abusive! As women we are determined to venture death while going through divorces; we are determined to face society’s disregard while exposing our rapists! We find courage in each other.
We are defending ourselves against men’s violence. But we have to remind the parliament to fulfill their duty as well. Women represent a huge part of what our lives consist of, but still have to live in fear of getting harmed or even killed. Existing regulations upon women’s rights don’t find acceptance and are not applied on our behalf. Persecutive and legislative powers are not carrying out their duties. Stopping femicide is your responsibility. We reached a point where we can’t stand the loss of another woman’s life anymore!”
Women’s Group for the Prevention of Femicide 
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