Syrian Refugees Flee to Europe
Syrian refugees in Turkey attend to cross the Turkish-Greek border. Some of them intervened by Turkish police and army forces by prohibiting the bus companies to sell ticket to Syrians, in Istanbul Esenler coach station as they try to get the border city of Edirne. 
As a result of the prevention, some had to stay at Istanbul coach station. Around a thousand got to Edirne by walking two hundred and thirty kilometers but not allowed to enter the city center. A group of them could reach Edirne coach station but some of them stopped 10 km before Edirne, on the highway. They set up camps in where they have been precluded in İstanbul and Edirne. 
Last week the Syrians left in Esenler Coach Station began to walk through Edirne but stoped by police 
on the side of the highway near Esenyurt. After a sit in act for a few hours a few of them got in to custody and the rest are transported back to Istanbul by buses. 
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