International Women's Day 2017
Thousands of women gathered in different cities around Turkey on the 8th of March 2017 in night marches and strike meetings to celebrate International Women's Day.
With the call of the 'Free Women Movement' (Tevgera Jinên Azad - TJA), groups of women demonstrated at the Station Square in Diyarbakir for their rights. This year's 8th Match gathering has been the first group protest in Diyarbakir since the ruling party declared state of emergency in Turkey after the coup in 2016.
Whereas in Istanbul thousands of women came together for the 15th Feminist Night March in Beyoglu on Istiklal Street to walk to Tunel Square. 
Behind banners as 'Our feminist resistance won't back down' or 'No to the interference into our lives', the women made their voices heard with shouting "No" slogans, singing and by using music instruments.
The women in Turkey showed their support and reacted to the campaign of the Argentinian women 'Solidarity is our weapon', which received worldwide attention in the International Women's Movement.
Women in Istanbul have gathered  at the square in the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul on Sunday to celebrate International Womens Day as well as to protest for equal wages and against femicide, rape, violence, sexualism, nationalism, racism and against the constitutional reforms of the governing party.
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