Camp Armen
Camp Armen in the Tuzla district of Istanbul, which has been providing refuge for Armenian orphans until 1983, has been partly destroyed on the 6th of May 2015. Civilians who want to prevent the total demolition of the camp keep guard on these grounds nonstop since four days.
After 1915, where there wasn't any Armenian school to be found in Anatolia, Camp Armen accommodated around 1500 Armenian children (amongst them Hrant and Rakel Dink as well as Erol Dora, Member of Parliament) and got sold to the Gediklipasa Armenian Protestant Church Foundation in 1962. On the basis of a declaration of 1936, the state handed the grounds back to its previous owner, which got its final legalisation after a court decision in 1987. The camp has been empty ever since, but is now in serious danger of getting destroyed after Fatih Ulusoy became his new owner.  If the state does not protect the remaining parts of Camp Armen in order to hand them back to the Armenian community, the grounds and its history will be totally cleared out of Turkey's cultural memory.
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